Good quality carpet is hardwearing, warm, cosy and easy to care for, offering excellent heat insulation and sound absorption.  From ultra-soft weaves to sumptuous textures the choices are many and varied  and with superb colours and designs available there’s a stylish solution for every room.


Silkroad Flooring provides a comprehensive service, where we manage every aspect of the process.  Your initial visit to the showroom will enable our trained sales team to make recommendations as to what is best suited to your needs and our subsequent site visit will enable us to measure your space and establish the finer details.  We will email you a written estimate which will also include any subfloor preparation which is required.  This process concludes with the fitting of your chosen floor covering and as a small, local company, our clients can also be assured of a committed after-sales service.




New Zealand wool is whiter with a higher lustre than other wools allowing clean pastel shades and deeper blacks.

Product shown –Wool Fabulous -WFN503


Fire Resistant

Wool does not burn until it gets to 700 degrees celsius,
even then it self-extinguishes once the source of the re is removed. Product shown -Wool Alaska – AL202



Wool is rapidly renewable with each sheep growing a new eece every year. Wool is biodegradable and full of essential nutrients that plants love. Product shown -Wool Enchanted –WE103


Clean Air

Wool absorbs indoor contaminants and puri es the air of harmful gases locking them away for up to 30 years.

Product shown –Wool Pride –WP351


Quiet Wool

Wool textiles absorb noise and create warmth making your home or of ce the perfect place for relaxation, concentration and play.
Product shown –Wool Monsoon – MS103


Allergy Safe

Wool carpets act as a natural air lter, trapping allergens such as dust and pollen and keeping them out of the breathing zone.
Product shown –Wool Biscayne Plain – BS118

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Carpets | Alan Baker Flooring | The Silkroad | Flooring in Surrey
Carpets | Alan Baker Flooring | The Silkroad | Flooring in Surrey