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It is impossible to bring back and retain the sense of inner calm gained from a luxury holiday. What is possible, is to re-create the ambience and style of the accommodation. With everything that contributed to the enjoyment of the holiday. Lead Designer of The Silkroad Interiors, Sahran, offers his advice.


With hotel accommodation, it tends to be a beautiful bathroom. Adjoining the breath-taking bedroom which contributes to the tranquillity and comfort of the stress-busting breakaway. Balancing the demands of modern living is without a doubt tiring and stressful. For many, the onset of stress creeps in before the cases get unpacked. This is because tired children bicker in the background.


Architects and developers are not always sympathetic to the requirement of a ‘Zen Den’. As it becomes more popular within your home. A place to relax and rejuvenate. This makes it even more important to create your own haven away from the ‘communal’ areas of your home. The most effective rooms to create such an environment are bathrooms and bedrooms. Relaxing doesn’t just happen when you are not busy. As a luxury holiday, relaxation is a gift to oneself. This is because of the quality time, spent in quality surroundings.


Bathrooms should be sanctuaries that exude a quiet sophistication. However, they must have the purpose to be able to offer comfort at the flick of a switch. A shower that trickles because of lower water pressure. A bath that is small or lighting that isn’t efficient spells trouble. What we all want are clean lines, spaciousness, the opulence of a huge bathtub. You would also want a shower that makes you feel like being in a warm rainstorm. Perfect lighting, mirrors that make you look flawless, music to reflect your mood. All of this complemented by the finest fittings.


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