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Residential Interior Design

Bedrooms also play a key role in the quest for peace and quiet. These are often the smallest areas in our home and yet accommodate the largest pieces of furniture. Bedrooms should have an emphasis on ‘soft’ and ‘opulent’. The trick is to allude to more space than exists.


Colour selection is a key consideration and by creating a mood board mistakes will be highlighted. The colour of the walls must work with the colour of the soft furnishings and colour reflection should also be considered. Look at the natural light and enhance what you have. This will dictate the overall colour palette. For example, north-facing smaller areas will need more careful attention to colour choices, best relying on lighter or pastel shades, whereas larger and brighter bedrooms offer more scope and wider colour choices.


The route when selecting fabrics for the soft furnishings should be clearer. The colour on the walls is often the smallest element in bedrooms, with fabrics making the biggest impact. To create a relaxing and opulent retreat, fabrics should be of a superior quality to ensure they retain their shape. Simple, elegant fabrics should be used for larger areas such as curtains, with the impact being created using cushions and throws. More fabric than less is key.


The largest piece of furniture is the bed. Ensure this is the centrepiece with upholstered headboards, best quality fresh linen (white will be the designer’s first choice) and cushions of carrying sizes creating a waterfall of sumptuousness at the head of the bed, tumbling down towards the textured, rich throw at the foot. By layering textures and fabrics in this manner it is easy to create a feel of luxury. A deep velvet pile carpet will further add to the comfort of the bedroom.


Finally, lighting….. where lamps are placed, the quality of the fittings, the design of the fittings and the strength of the light will all have a make or break effect on the scheme. Fabrics and soft furnishings provide soul, lighting creates character.


Don’t rely on your next holiday to de-stress, create your own haven at home with the help of our residential interior design team. We are able to transform a single room or the whole house to the specifications you wish. Helping your dream home become a reality as there is nothing truly better than the comfort of your own home.


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