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Sahran Abeysundara

Sarhan Abeysundara was born in Sri Lanka. Whilst he was educated in Dubai, France and India. Before enjoying a global career of over 20 years. All within the Interior Design industry. His qualifications include the prestigious Art and Colour Design Diploma. Run by the famous Barbara Sansoni – one of the world leaders in colour. The Silkroad has a global reach with Sahran. As he produces work within the corporate, retail and private sectors. Not only servicing clients based in London and the Home Counties. He has produced work in Sri Lanka, Maldives and Bangkok.


There is nothing that Sahran does not know about interior design. This is because he has worked on projects all over the world. Not for just for personal clients but businesses as well. Helping put his own twist on people’s holiday homes in Turkey and Sri Lanka. He is a well known and respected person. Not only within the interior design sector but in life. Because of this, he demonstrates a friendly yet professional attitude. Not just towards his clients but his work. He ensures the task is completed with the highest quality. Showing enthusiasm throughout the project. Customer satisfaction oozes from him with his can-do attitude. Taking on personal preference whilst providing advice. As a result of this, it makes it more unique and exciting.


Sahran is a true inspiration to the interior design sector. This is because of his wealth of knowledge and expertise. He is a prime example of what hard work and determination can achieve. Especially, when you put your mind to it. Displaying a positive attitude no matter how difficult the task. Takes on feedback to ensure a better service for the future.


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