The Silkroad Story

Inspiration Behind The Brand

The Silkroad Story brand echoes that of its namesake the ancient “Silk Road”, the crucial European trading path forged by early merchants, who traversed through exotic Persia, Central Asia, Egypt, Arabia, Malabar, Ceylon and the mystical Orient, linking regions through trade and commerce.


These pioneers were responsible for the introduction of many opulent goods, hand woven rugs and fine fabrics to the western world; cementing strategic international alliances and promoting progress in innovation through the exchange of ideas, and the birthplace for the global desire for beautiful treasures to embellish our homes.


The ethos of The Silkroad capitalises on those same principles, fuelling our desire to seek out vibrant and luxurious fabrics and wallpapers hand selected from the finest fabric houses across the world, and our unique accessories celebrate the best of East and West. Together with our vast supplier database our design team are able to produce interior schemes which rise above the notion of following a trend, are truly innovative, and are dedicated to the taste and budgets of our clients.

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