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East Meets West: 4,000 years ago the Chinese first discovered how to cultivate the threads found in the cocoons of native caterpillars. Each cocoon produces a continuous thread which is spun into the fabric we know today as Silk. This innovation marked the birth of the interiors industry with interior traders traversing pre-existing routes through China, Persia, Arabia, and Europe to sell their products to the West and likewise introducing the East to gold, silver and wool. This route is now universally known as The Silk Route. To this day the Silk Route continues to ignite imaginations worldwide, conjuring up ideas of the exotic, the mystery and the opulent.


These pioneers were responsible for the introduction of many opulent goods, handwoven rugs and fine fabrics, as well commodities we take for granted today such as paper, all of which has had a profound impact on the western world. This trading route became the birthplace for our desire for beautiful treasures to embellish our homes, echoing perfectly with the ethos of our own Silkroad brand.


The Silkroad brand has evolved over time and whilst the original inspiration remains, global factors and modern life have intervened to such an extent that we have now chosen to work with trading partners closer to home in the UK and Europe where, we feel, quality and provenance are more transparent.

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