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Quality of Roger Oates

Produced in limited quantities. All handwoven and finished in the UK. Roger Oates runners offer the true quality of the past with the freshness of the future. Their collections are driven by design. They have the authenticity of real quality and value. Both the eye and the touch. The company produces unmistakably timeless floor coverings. Uniquely smart and classic. Their rugs and runners combine practicality with great looks. Creating a collection of perfect tailoring. All the new concepts are first woven by hand in their studio. Giving their designers the flexibility to alter and adapt to the pattern. Changing threads and colours as the design emerges from the loom. This literal hands-on design approach ensures that the threads and colours. In any new Roger Oates design works together perfectly.  These 100% wool runners. Combine the superior dyeing qualities of New Zealand wool. With the durability of British wool.


Roger Oates Style

The reinvention of the Venetian Flatweave process. Because of this, it has led to a series of creative experiments with colour, pattern and textures. So there are now more than 100 individual designs currently in production. This truly British product has become a design classic. Furnishing floors and stairs not only in the UK but also across the globe.


Roger Oates runners are a classy, tailored solution to soften hard flooring. Such as stone or wood adding colour, texture and design. To any hard floor and the vast choices of colours and designs. Ensuring that every interior scheme can be accommodated. Choose from checks, bold striped borders. In a herringbone texture to detailed stripes-within-stripes or wide bands of colour. Stripes are endlessly versatile and provide the ultimate in understatement. 


Our highly skilled fitters install Roger Oates stair runners. Using classic techniques and all mitres are handsewn. This is because it ensures the continuity of design throughout the runner. Including quarter and half-landings. Unlike many flooring textiles, Roger Oates flatweaves can be shaped and sculpted around any shape of stair. Because of their superior fitting skills, all designs can be miraculously aligned. Chic, timeless, elegant and exciting designs. All handcrafted for eternal class and style.  So everyone has the opportunity to use Roger Oates.

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