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Bespoke Rugs

Rugs are easy and effective to add bespoke decoration to your home. Rugs can be a valuable addition to any interior scheme – an easy way to introduce colour and texture and in turn, they can immediately change the personality of a room. Alternative Flooring offers a simple to use online tool which enables you to design your own flooring masterpiece.


Rugs are a great way to decorate your home as you can change the rugs as the mood suits and, in doing so, completely change the personality of the room.


Whether they speak softly or shout loudly, customising your rug or runner gives you a chance to add your character to your floor. There are thousands of fabulous flooring and border combinations with designs that are packed with pattern, texture and colour. Interior personalisation at its best!


Custom made rugs are perfect for all households, especially for those that like to change it up and there is no better way to do this than by our selection of rugs. Helps bring change to your household so if you are someone that gets bored of the interior easily then the easy solution to this would be to add rugs to the room. Creating a personalised touch and feel to the room whilst adding housing aesthetics. Perfect for those that want a particular room to stand out from the rest.


Nothing feels more satisfying than knowing you have personally designed a rug for your home. This is because it makes you feel a sense of accomplishment, and can really compliment the room in so many different ways with the unique colours, patterns or designs.


What are you waiting for, get your personalised rug today by following a few simple steps and in a matter of minutes it could be on it’s way to you. We also have a selection of stair runners to match the rug you decide.


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