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Carpets can be finished with different textures – loop pile or twist (also known as a cut pile carpet, where the carpet fibres are exposed where the yarns have been sheared). The tighter the twist the more durable the carpet. The latter style remains very popular as a general all-rounder feeling softer underfoot than loop pile carpets. Loop pile carpets have not been sheared but remain as a loop which gives a very different look and feel. Don’t worry our Carpets Epsom service will help you decide on the perfect one for you.


Finding the perfect design is always the most difficult part and so we want to reduce the stress of having to fit the carpet itself. That is why our carpet fitting service is the perfect service for you as they provide a profession, fast and reliable service. Our team have many years of experience with carpets.


Manufacturers have had great fun with loop pile carpets which can now be found in many different weights, colours, textures and designs. Good quality loop or cut pile carpets will both perform just as well as each other, leaving the final decision down to personal preference. Natural carpets, such as Sisal and Seagrass, are popular with designers as they can make a bold, smart and contemporary statement using renewable materials. Carpets can also be made into bespoke rugs and a few specialist companies that we work closely with offering many exciting possibilities with colourful ranges of plain or patterned borders and piping options – all bespoke to you.


If you are looking for a more contemporary look for your home then the best solution would be the natural carpets. As they provide a bold and smart statement to any room. They can also be bespoke to fit your every need.


Get in touch with our Carpets Epsom team to get your dream carpet and give the room the personality it deserves.

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