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Good quality carpet can be divined by its hardwearing, cosy, easy to care for and warm features. Majority of carpets are designed to provide excellent heat insulation and sound absorption. Perfect for the smaller homes or rooms that perhaps ‘echo’ more than others. Along with its warm features, the carpet also helps to provide an elegant style to your home especially in the form of stair runners. Carpet can simply be placed anywhere within the house. We offer a wide selection of ultra-soft weaves to sumptuous textures that come in a variety of colours and patterns. There is simply a stylish selection for any household/room type. Here at The Silkroad, our team understand the importance of selecting the ‘right’ carpet for your house and that is why we offer a boutique showroom that promotes floorcoverings that are tried and tested over many years. It helps to take away that overwhelming feeling and instead, replace it with a more enjoyable approach to either replacing or investing in a new carpet.


There are many different carpet textures to select from. Ranging from loop pile or twist which is also commonly known as cut pile carpet. This is where the carpet fibres are exposed causing the yarns to be sheared. Usually the tighter the twist the more durable the carpet. Our most popular choice tends to be the latter style as this is a typical all-rounder in regards to a soft underfoot, warmth and cosy styling. If you are looking for something slightly different to the rest then the loop pile carpets would be more ideal as they create a more unique look and feel.


Loop pile carpets are considered more versatile as designers are able to provide different weights, colours, designs and textures. This helps provide your home with a more unique feel and a more personalised finish on the furnishing of your home.


If you are looking for a more contemporary look for your home then the best solution would be the natural carpets. As they provide a bold and smart statement to any room. They can also be bespoke to fit your every need.


We are a carpet flooring Surrey-based company that work in and around the county and stretch our services to the Middle East.

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