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Fleetwood Fox Camberley has a desire to provide beautifully crafted bespoke floor coverings. Fleetwood Fox produces unique, stylish and flatweave carpets and stair runners which combine with a modern and sophisticated style. All end results are beautifully designed, hand-loomed, runners and carpet.


All of their distinctive designs are made from 100% beautiful hard wearing wool that is dyed and spun in Yorkshire. Once this process has been done it is then transported to Somerset where the design process begins and the masterpieces are created. All carpets that are produced are hand checked and finished by the craftspeople to ensure an excellent and maintained standard. As the majority of the products are created from wool, this provides fire and stain-resistant feature. Therefore, reducing any additional chemicals, making it one of our most popular floor coverings.


We offer a bespoke range from Fleetwood Fox which offer a variety of designs and from elegant stripes, figured weaves and herringbones. As the collection is woven to order, it allows for a high level of customisation with no additional surcharges. Our team will work very closely to ensure you are selecting the perfect colour schemes from the wide variety of Fleetwood Fox samples. Once this has been selected they then apply this to your favourite design. Usually, Fleetwood Fox will produce a coloured image so that the design can be visible within your home as a ‘try before you buy’ sample to ensure a high level of customer satisfaction. However, if you wish for a small sample then this can be applied with a small surcharge. The bespoke option is the perfect answer for those wanting a more customised and personal approach or has very particular specifications.


The best thing about Fleetwood Fox is that they respect the planet just as much as we do. Their polythene is made from 50% recycled plastic and they use paper bubble wrap to reduce the further use of plastic. Any waste yarn is collected by volunteers and used to knit blankets for refugees and also provided to local charities.


All Fleetwood Fox products are proudly produced within the UK.

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