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Fleetwood Fox Stair Runners

Fleetwood Fox Surrey specialises in creating bespoke floor coverings that are beautifully crafted. Their unique and stylish flatweave carpets and stair runners are created with a modern and intricate style, resulting in beautifully designed, hand-loomed runners and carpets.




All our unique designs are crafted from durable wool that’s been dyed and spun in Yorkshire. The finished product is then shipped to Somerset. All the wool used is 100% pure and amazing quality. The design process starts here where the skilled craftspeople create masterpieces. Every carpet is meticulously checked and finished by hand. We maintain a high standard by using wool to create our products, which naturally provides fire and stain resistance. This reduces the need for additional making our wool floor coverings a popular choice.



Fleetwood Fox Surrey Range

Our Fleetwood Fox range provides a unique selection of designs such as elegant stripes, figured weaves, and herringbones. The collection is customisable as it is woven to order, without any extra charges. Our team assists you in choosing the perfect colour schemes from our wide range of Fleetwood Fox samples. Then, they apply your chosen colours to your favourite design.


Fleetwood Fox Surrey typically creates a coloured image to showcase the design in your home, which serves as a ‘try before you buy’ sample. This is to ensure that customers are completely satisfied. However, if you prefer a smaller sample, a small additional fee will be charged. The bespoke option is ideal for those seeking a more personalised and custom approach.


Fleetwood Fox is great because they have a strong commitment to the environment that aligns with our own values. They make their polythene products using 50% recycled plastic and also use paper bubble wrap instead of plastic to reduce waste. Additionally, any excess yarn is collected and used to make blankets that are donated to charities and refugees.



About Silkroad

Our company, The Silkroad, offers interior design services in London and the South East. We provide both separate services and full-package interior solutions. For bigger projects, our interior design Surrey team can provide assistance. They strive to bring clients’ dreams to life by working hard and taking control of every aspect of the design process. Carefully planning and selecting materials like walls, fabrics, and floors, all the way through to the final scheme. This includes even small details like choosing the right set of curtains.


Our flooring department provides high-quality flooring products such as Roger Oates stair runners, Oak, natural stones, and carpets. We also offer an independent supply and installation service that focuses on elite flooring products chosen for their quality and performance.


The Silkroad concept capitalizes on our inclination to search for exquisite and luxurious floor coverings, fabrics, and wallpapers. These are carefully chosen by hand from the world’s premier producers.

We offer distinctive accessories and giftware that showcase the finest elements of both Eastern and Western cultures. In addition, we have an extensive list of suppliers which helps us in creating interior and flooring designs that break away from traditional trends to provide innovative solutions that cater to our clients’ preferences and budget.

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