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Flooring Shops In Surrey

So you are looking for flooring shops in Surrey. Look no further with The Silkroad in Haslemere. We provide the highest quality of flooring in and around Surrey. We also stretch our operations to the Middle east with our portfolio covering Dubai, Sri Lanka and so forth.


We have an exceptional team on board that all come from an interior design background and know about all the products we offer. Therefore, there is no better place to ask for help and support when it comes to deciding what flooring to put down in your house. With our years of experience, we will be able to take you on a journey and ensure you select the right flooring for you. By adding our knowledge and expertise you will feel no regret purchasing your flooring from us.


We have a great range of flooring options up for grabs with majority selecting hardwood flooring for the household. However, we do also have a huge selection of carpets ranging in colours, patterns and designs. Suitable for every household that comes into the store.


We take pride in what we do at The Silkroad by providing additional support on all products purchased through us. This is what truly separates us from the other flooring shops as we give free after-care to ensure you are extremely satisfied with the product and we are always here to help with any questions you may have. For example, the best way of removing scratches from hardwood flooring?


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