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Godalming Flooring

The Silkroad Interiors and Flooring weighs up the popular options of today.


Design experts recognise that the flooring element of a room is one of its most key features and the flooring you choose can have a ‘make or break’ effect on the entire decorating scheme. Therefore, choosing the right floor for you and your lifestyle is a very important investment offering little room for error. Hard flooring, including wood and stone, is not an exact science, therefore, specialist knowledge and expertise are vital to ensure the decision you make is the correct one for your home and your lifestyle.


What makes choosing a floor tougher still, is that there are no ‘rights’ or ‘wrongs’ – merely what may be more appropriate than not. Whilst there are many options with flooring, it seems that carpet remains the stalwart of the industry, with stone and wood raising the most queries regarding maintenance and performance.


Hard flooring such as wood or a natural stone has never been more desirable, offering home-owners a long-lasting beautiful floor. Engineered wood can vary in price enormously, as will the quality and in turn the performance. Ultimately, decisions about both stone and wood need to be made by weighing up the importance of quality versus price.


Carpet still remains the most popular and cost-effective option, with consumers now able to enjoy collections that embrace colour, pattern and design which were previously only available in the more up-market ranges. Consumers have been inspired and are having more fun than ever capitalising on what’s on offer. Stripes on stairs, tartan in studies, spots in children’s rooms…. The industry has moved on significantly with qualities increasing to pleasing standards. Maintenance of carpets are surprisingly simple – carpets can easily be cleaned using hot water extraction machines which rely on heat and water to effectively remove soiling – the purchase of one is a very prudent purchase.


We aim to provide Godalming Flooring to give our clients the opportunity to take advantage of our wonderful collection at The Silkroad.

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