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Are you living in or around Haslemere and after carpets that will demonstrate your personality? Look no further with the Silkroads flooring service, helping you find the perfect design with our highly experienced team. Because of this, it takes away the stress of having to find one that truly ‘brightens’ up the room. Our interior and carpet knowledge is second to none.


Not only will we be able to help give you solutions and ideas for the carpets but we also have a carpet fitting service that can be added to the package. What better way of getting a carpet, than to have the same company fit it. This is because we want to provide you with smooth service and take the pressure off renovating your home. This way, you can focus on the more important aspects.


Our carpets vary in personalities and because of this, we can match them to yours. This way, your home can truly relate to your style with our bespoke service. Here at The Silkroad, we have many carpets to choose from so we can guarantee that there will be one for you. Whether you are looking for a bold and unique carpet that will make a statement within the room. Or even a more contemporary look. If you are looking for a more contemporary look for your home then the best solution would be natural carpets. As they provide a bold and smart statement to any room. They can also be bespoke to fit your every need.


Carpets can be finished with different textures – loop pile or twist (also known as a cut pile carpet, where the carpet fibres are exposed where the yarns have been sheared). The tighter the twist the more durable the carpet. The latter style remains very popular as a general all-rounder feeling softer underfoot than loop pile carpets.  Loop pile carpets have not been sheared but remain as a loop which gives a very different look and feel.

Roger Oates Stair Runners

Roger Oates’ collections have real quality and value to both the eye and touch. The company produces unmistakably timeless floor coverings. As a result of this, they provide a uniquely smart and classic look. Their rugs and runners combine practicality with great looks. Because of this, it creates a collection of perfect tailoring.

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Fleetwood Fox Stair Runners

Fleetwood Fox produces unique, stylish flatweave carpets. Successfully combining the modern desire for sophisticated floor coverings. Finished with traditional manufacturing and heritage. The end results are beautifully designed. This is because they are hand-loomed, hardwearing rugs, runners and carpets. All of their distinctive designs are made from 100% beautiful hard wearing wool. All spun and dyed in Yorkshire and woven on their own looms in Somerset. This is because we want to provide our clients with the finest products. All produced within the UK.

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Good quality carpet is hardwearing, warm, cosy and easy to care for. As a result, it offers excellent heat insulation and sound absorption. From ultra-soft weaves to sumptuous textures the choices are many and varied. Because of today’s choices of colours and designs. It allows a stylish solution for every room.

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Custom Made Rugs

Rugs are easy and effective to add bespoke decoration to your home. Rugs can be a valuable addition to any interior scheme. As they provide an easy way to introduce colour and texture. And in turn, they can immediately change the personality of a room. Alternative Flooring offers a simple to use online tool. As a result of this, it allows you to design your own flooring masterpiece.

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