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The Silkroad: The Magic of Tailored Rugs and Carpets

Flooring plays a big part in how our homes feel. Especially rugs and carpets, which can turn a simple room into a cosy haven. The Silkroad, a master in the world of carpets and wood flooring, brings a special touch to homes with its “made to measure carpet rugs”.


Diving into Made-to-Measure

Understanding “made to measure” is like uncovering the secret behind an artisan’s masterpiece. It’s a far cry from picking up a generic, off-the-shelf carpet; it’s about crafting a unique piece, aligned with your personal style and preferences. Just as you’d invest in a tailored suit or dress, sculpted perfectly to your silhouette, made-to-measure carpet rugs offer the same bespoke luxury for your living space.

Imagine walking into a store and finding carpets that are either a bit too large, swallowing up your room, or a tad too small, leaving awkward spaces. Now, compare this to a world where every inch of the rug, from its length and width to its texture and design, echoes your essence. That’s the world of made-to-measure.

Furthermore, it’s not just about the perfect fit. It’s also about selecting the exact hues, patterns, and materials that resonate with you. Perhaps you want a rug that complements your vintage furniture or maybe one that contrasts and stands out. With made-to-measure, you’re not fitting your vision into available options; you’re creating the vision itself.

It’s a journey – starting with an idea, transforming into a design, and culminating as a tangible piece of art under your feet, enhancing the warmth and beauty of your home. This is the essence of made-to-measure, where every rug tells a story – yours.


Why Go for Made-to-Measure?

‘Custom size’ means no room is too odd, too big, or too snug for a touch of class. Standard rugs can sometimes make you feel like you’re making do. Maybe it’s slightly too large or a tad too small. With bespoke options like The Silkroad offers, your carpets fit just right.

  1. It’s All About You: Tailored to your likes. Maybe you want a colour to match your sofa or a design you saw in a magazine. Your wish is the command here.
  2. Top-Notch Quality: Each bespoke rug is made with care and precision. This means great quality and a rug that feels special.
  3. Built to Last: These custom carpets don’t just look good, they’re also made to stand the test of time.


The Silkroad’s Shining Collaborations

The Silkroad teams up with the best to give you great quality. Two big names here are Roger Oates and Alternative Flooring.

Roger Oates: Known for elegance, Roger Oates offers beautiful runners and rugs. When The Silkroad adds its special touch, you get flooring that stands out in the best way.

Alternative Flooring: Modern, fresh, and always thinking of the environment, Alternative Flooring brings a new edge. The Silkroad, teaming up with them, ensures you get the best of both worlds.


The Step-by-Step Bespoke Process at The Silkroad

Making a tailored rug at The Silkroad is like watching magic happen:

  • Chat Time: First, there’s a friendly chat. This is where you share what you want in terms of size, design, or materials.
  • Design Sketching: Drawing inspiration from classics like Roger Oates or the innovative designs of Alternative Flooring, a design blueprint is made. This is a sneak peek into what your final rug might look like.
  • Making Magic: With years of experience, expert hands craft your rug, paying attention to every little detail.
  • The Grand Reveal: Once ready, your brand-new, personalised rug is set up in your home, changing the whole look and feel of the room.


In Conclusion

In today’s world, where we all love a personal touch, The Silkroad offers a unique chance to make your floors truly yours. Teaming up with big names like Roger Oates and Alternative Flooring, they promise top-quality and style. So if you want a rug that feels like it was made just for you and your space, look no further than The Silkroad.


Good quality carpet is hardwearing, warm, cosy and easy to care for. As a result, it offers excellent heat insulation and sound absorption. From ultra-soft weaves to sumptuous textures the choices are many and varied. Because of today’s choices of colours and designs. It allows a stylish solution for every room.

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Roger Oates Stair Runners

Roger Oates’ collections have real quality and value to both the eye and touch. The company produces unmistakably timeless floor coverings. As a result of this, they provide a uniquely smart and classic look. Their rugs and runners combine practicality with great looks. Because of this, it creates a collection of perfect tailoring.

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Fleetwood Fox Stair Runners

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