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It is easy to overlook your staircase. However, it is often the first part of your home that visitors see when they walk through the door. Creating a warm and inviting focal point. Making a statement and having some fun has never been easier. Especially, with the vast choice of striking and exciting carpeting available. Created to give a lasting impression on your home.


Staircases compliment bold designs because they stand alone from other areas of your home. As a result of this, it won’t overtake or clash with other flooring or colour schemes. Initially designer-led and limited. The industry has moved forward to offer vast opportunities to ensure your staircase becomes a feature. Stripes, spots, tartans and herringbone designs are all available with many manufacturer’s. As they produce complimenting plain products for hallways and landings.


So much choice can be daunting for people. This is why independent retailers, such as Silkroad Interiors and Flooring based in Haslemere. Are passionate about the importance of rising above the faceless medium of the internet. And offer the highest levels of service. Whilst offering specialist and impartial advice. This is to ensure clients aware of their decision- making.


Creating a “WOW”


Elite companies such as Roger Oates (also keep an eye out for Fleetwood Fox and Anta). They all offer over 100 samples to choose from. Considered a “must-have” design statement. Roger Oates is hand finished and loomed in such a way as to be authentic. It is true to the art of weaving and their designs in chic twenty-first-century taste. Offering a new twist on classical designs. Produced with selvedge edges as standard. The requirement for additional taping or whipping is removed. Alternative Flooring and Crucial Trading both create innovative and diverse flooring. All with bespoke options to create your own personalised stair runners or rugs.


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