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An introduction to Roger Oates

In the late 80s, owners of a picturesque countryside house came to Roger Oates and Fay Morgan with an ancient flatwoven piece they had found hidden beneath their wooden floorboards. During the 18th century, coverings of this sort were often a single solid colour and lacked any kind of design or pattern.


Upon laying eyes on this vintage piece of fabric, its vibrant hues and intricate design were immediately inspiring to Roger and Fay. With newfound enthusiasm they embarked on a journey that would culminate in the creation of Venetian Flatweave, an exquisite decorative floorcovering.


For our first floor coverings, we hand-wove them with love and care. To accommodate a larger production size, traditional Hattersley looms were modified for weaving the heavy wool material while retaining its original handmade quality. The exquisite striped designs soon became incredibly popular which completely reinvented flatweave carpets in the twentieth century.


Since then, our story has grown and changed as we’ve revisited our archives while still keeping a focus on design that allows us to experiment with connecting modern design for the homes of today with our heritage from the past.




Roger Oates Camberley x The Silkroad

Roger Oates Camberley produce strictly limited quantities. This is what makes them one of the most elite stair runner businesses within the UK, as they are sought after and elusive. The reason for the short supplies is that they are created and handwoven within the UK.


Stair runners provide the classic quality of days gone by coupled with a modern twist. They take pride in supplying only the most genuine designs and collections to ensure that their products are aesthetically pleasing and feel luxurious when touched. The floor coverings are timeless offering a classy solution to a room that needs jazzing up a bit.


They also provide a great deal of class, a unique and smart look through the use of their rugs and runners. They provide a collection for all households with a contrast of colours, designs and patterns.


Before the products are offered to designers, they are handwoven by our studio’s artisans. This allows us to make any necessary adjustments that may be needed for a perfect fit in regards to personalising it and making more of a bespoke floor cover. we want to create a lasting effect on the customer’s house.


At their disposal is a hands-on design process to prepare and perfect your product until you are absolutely satisfied with the finished result – an ideal combination. They combine New Zealand and British wool in intricate ways, carefully choosing colours that perfectly enhance one another for a truly authentic look and feel. When it’s all said and done, you can be sure of getting a unique style that is designed specifically with your needs in mind!


Through their creative experimentation with the colour, pattern, and texture of floor coverings, they have been able to completely reinvent the Venetian Flatweave. This stunning British design is now proudly furnishing floors all around the world!


Roger Oates Camberley provides the perfect blend of class and tailored design to add a dash of warmth to any room. Their bespoke runners and rugs boast an eclectic array of colours, designs, and textures that will instantly elevate the look of your home. A stylish addition for those who are seeking something with just the right amount of sophistication!


Checks and bold striped border stair runners are a favourite among many, as they can provide an elegant touch to any stairs without compromising on function. The borders of these designs exude effortless sophistication that will surely impress all who step foot in your home!

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