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Roger Oates Camberley

Roger Oates Camberley is only produced with select quantities at a time making them one of the most sought after products. The reason for this is because they like to provide elite quality when it comes to their stair runners. They want to ensure that they are easily maintained and remain a sustainable product with a long ‘life-expectancy’. Getting a stair runner for your home shouldn’t be like changing your clothes and that is why Roger Oates Camberley only produce the best materials.


The best thing about Roger Oates is that all products are produced within the UK so there is no out-sourced material. They create handwoven stair runners which provide a lasting effect whilst also giving off a freshness for the future. All designs are authentic from Roger Oates as they aim to provide something different to other stair runner companies. They are well known for their quality and authentic designs making them one of the leading brands within the UK. Their timeless floor coverings help provide a lasting impression on your home aesthetics. Creating classic, unique and smart rugs and stair runners for decades.


With their experience within the alternative flooring industry, they are able to provide collections for all households with their contrast in colours, patterns and designs.


All Roger Oates products are handwoven within their studio which is based within the UK. Once the original craft has been woven, this then gets sent off to the designers to make the rugs or stair runners become bespoke and customised to the individual. Roger Oates always put the customers first in the sense that they will continue to alter your design until you are completely satisfied with the end result. That is what separates us from other companies we are not happy until our customers are. The threads that are used to handwoven the products combine New Zealand and British wool together to make a unique style and feel to our products.


Roger Oats have reinvented the Venetian Flatweave, leading the way for creative experiments within the studio. British design has now become a popular choice around the world as a result of this.

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