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Roger Oates Hampshire

Roger Oates Hampshire is only produced in limited quantities at a time. Due to them all being handwoven and from the UK. The Roger Oates Stair Runners offer a real quality of the past with the freshness of the future. They pride themselves on delivering authentic designs within their collections as they show a real quality value to both the eye and touch. Roger Oates produces unmistakably timeless floor coverings to ensure that your house aesthetics go the distance when it comes to ageing. Their rugs and runners provide a real classic and uniquely smart appearance within the house with the contrast of colours, designs and patterns. Suitable for every household.


Firstly, the products are all handwoven in their studio before to give the designers the flexibility to adapt and alter the designs to your specifications to ensure you are completely satisfied with your products. The literal hands-on design approach is simply perfect as the threads and colours within the design work seamlessly together. Designed from 100% wool, combining New Zealand and British wool together to provide a unique feel.


Since Reinventing the Venetian Flatweave, this has led to a series of creative experiments in regards to the colour, pattern and texture. So much so that this Remarkable British design has now begun furnishing floors not only in the UK but now across the world.


If you are looking for something classy, tailored and something that will soften the hard flooring, then Roger Oates is the perfect solution with their bespoke runners for the stairs. Coming in a wide range of colours and designs to ensure that every interior can be accommodated accordingly. In terms of patterns, we have checks or bold striped borders in different textures. The Stripe borders are our most popular as they provide an ultimate understatement with their endless versatility.

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