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Making A Statement On Your Stairs

Roger Oates London produce within limited quantities at a time, this is what makes them one of the most elite stair runner businesses within the UK. As they create and handwoven within the UK. The stair runners offer a high quality of the past with a freshness of the future. They pride themselves on delivering the most authentic designs and collections. This is to show their true value in regards to the touch and to the eye. The timeless floor coverings ensure that your home aesthetics go a long way. Whilst avoiding a fast ageing floor. Providing a great deal of classic, unique and smart through the use of their rugs and runners. They provide a collection for all households with a contrast of colours, designs and patterns.


All products are handwoven within their studio before they are given to the designers. This is to make any ‘tweaks’ to suit the person. In regards to personalising it and making more of a bespoke floor cover. Helping create a lasting effect on the customer’s house. They will continue to alter your design until you are satisfied and happy about the product. The hands-on design makes it a perfect combination. The thread and colours within the design work complement one another combining New Zealand and British wool together. Because of this it provides an authentic and unique style and feels.


They have been able to reinvent the Venetian Flatweave. This has led to creative experiments within the studio. As the experiments involve the colour, pattern and texture of the floor coverings. Since this has happened the remarkable British design has started furnishing floors. All across the world as a result of this.


Roger Oates London is the perfect solution if you are looking for something classy, tailored. Whilst softening the hard flooring. Their bespoke runners and rugs are designed to uplift the appearance of any home. This is because of their eccentric range of colours, designs and textures. They have checks and bold striped border patterned stair runners. The stripe borders tend to be the most popular. This is because they provide an understatement to your stairs with their versatile functions.


Why Choose Roger Oates London

We will manage every aspect of the process starting with your visit to the showroom. As a result of this, it helps us to get a better understanding of what you are looking for. This helps us to make better-suited recommendations and offer a bespoke service to each and every one of our clients. Once you have finished your visit to the showroom and spoken to our experienced members of staff.


We will always email you with a written estimate that includes all the details. Including any subfloor preparation that may be required. After this, once you have agreed on the quote the process concludes with the fitting of your chosen floor covering. It is really that simple.


The Silkroad flooring service offers a supply and installation service. Focusing on only the premium suppliers such as Roger Oates. Offering bespoke floorings such as oak, natural stone and carpets. A great variety for everyone to choose from making it easier to decide on the flooring products you would like in your home.


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